Domestic and international distribution

The primary focus of Film Marketing Services is assisting clients in finding domestic and international distribution opportunities for their work. Our principals, Jon Gursha and Peter Greene, are seasoned entertainment industry professionals with extensive motion picture producing, marketing, and advertising experience. Jon has worked with major studios and television production companies, while Peter has compiled a lengthy track record of success as both an independent and studio-level motion picture producer.

Jon and Peter help clients connect with both traditional and innovative distribution channels, including TV broadcasting, theatrical release, video on demand, digital sales, and ancillary markets in North America and around the world. Leveraging relationships with an extensive network of influential professionals in key markets across the globe.


Rights management

Right management is something many independent filmmakers aren’t properly prepared to handle, given the complexities involved and the need to accurately anticipate future outcomes. This is one key area in which Jon and Peter excel, helping filmmakers protect their interests and reap all the rewards of their labor.

Strategic planning

As experienced film producers and entertainment industry professionals, Jon Gursha and Peter Greene also offer expert strategic planning to their clients.