Q?What does Film Marketing Services do?
A. We find international and domestic distribution for independent film producers across all platforms. In some cases we might be involved in film financing and packaging. We also facilitate sales for international and domestic distributors.

Q?How do I contact Film Marketing Services?
A.Presently, we do not allow direct phone calls from non-clients as it is an overwhelming task to manage. We only accept communications through our website contact page and email address (info@filmmarketingservices.com). Once we have pre-approved the communication and/or inquiry we initiate contact via telephone. Once you are a client we are in continuous contact.

Q?How do I submit my film to Film Marketing Services?
A.Please send a DVD screener to our office. We will notify you by e-mail when the submission is received and reviewed. After review we will contact you to discuss Producers Representation services. If we decide that we can meet your expectations we will then discuss what will be needed to have us Represent you as Producers Representative.