Jon Gursha

Jon Gursha has been associated with the entertainment industry for over fifteen years and started at the NBC Lot as an NBC Page in 2001 on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Weakest Link and many other NBC shows after graduating from Emerson College. Jon quickly moved around Hollywood within various television Productions as a Production Assistant, Coordinator, Post Coordinator and Film Producer. Jon worked with Producers Representatives in various capacities while working in the Advertising and Marketing field before starting his firm Film Marketing Services.Jon enjoys working with Independent Film Producers on various projects and recognizes the need for film marketing and Producers Representation services and combined both his passions into one service for the Independent film community. Jon only takes on a small number of projects per year as Producers Representative and film marketing specialist.

Jon Gursha is founder and serves as Festival Director of the Marina del Rey Film Festival, Culver City Film Festival, Film Trailer Festival, and Silicon Beach Film Festival.

Additional Info:

Jon Gursha Graduated from Emerson College 2001

Interned at Mali Finn Casting 2001

Interned MGM Studios Theatrical Marketing 2001

Studios worked at

MGM,CBS, ABC, NBC, Universal, UPN, Sony, Fox

President and CEO of Film Marketing Services

Marina del Rey Film Festival Founder and Director

Culver City Film Festival Founder and Director

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