Welcome to Film Marketing Services

Welcome to Film Marketing Services, an indispensable resource for independent movie producers.

Film Marketing Services provides independent motion picture producers with expert representation and opportunities in both domestic and international distribution markets. Founded in 2008 by principals Jon Gursha and Peter Greene, Film Marketing Services fills an important niche by providing extensive professional resources to movie producers with small budgets and limited industry access.

Based in Marina del Rey, California, Film Marketing Services is in the heart of the American entertainment industry, enabling our clients to take full advantage of the many resources and opportunities available in Los Angeles. Because the company has a unique boutique structure, clients are able to work directly with its founders and principals, receiving a level of personalized attention that isn’t available.  

Jon and Peter bring more than 35 combined years of industry experience to the table, helping producers and filmmakers navigate the complex motion picture distribution landscape to find markets — and audiences — for their work. Jon and Peter have comprehensive knowledge of both traditional and newly emerging distribution channels, expanding the potential of client projects.


Film Marketing Services helps independent filmmakers find success.

Clients begin by having a detailed, in-depth discussion about the potential of their completed projects, as well as projects in the developmental stages. From there, Jon and Peter will guide the project into distribution channels, where it will get critical exposure to high-level film industry decision-makers, who can then bring it to channels including television, video on demand, DVD/Blu-ray, digital media, and theatrical release. Jon and Peter handle all contract negotiations, and can also arrange financing, access to finishing funds, and post-production assistance.

During their time with Film Marketing Services, Jon and Peter have helped promote hundreds of films, and many clients have gone on to enjoy great success including Academy Award nominations along with other prestigious distinctions. Jon and Peter have a deep commitment to client success, and invite prospective clients to get in touch.

Learn more about Film Marketing Services by exploring our website, or get in touch directly with Jon Gursha and Peter Greene by contacting us. Jon and Peter will follow up with you shortly, and start the discussion about your project, its untapped potential, and global sale and distribution opportunities that can help it reach a large and receptive audience.